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Private bodyguard rental - hire a bodyguard

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Our target is to provide the maximum level of services to our customers, confidentiality, reliability, security, full service and high professionalism. We offer complete services for the protection of VIPs. Hire a bodyguard!

Private body guard are trained in the prevention against an attack, kidnapping and other potential threats against the customer, with the knowledge of the language, social behavior, information about the traditions of the country of the client’s origin and experience with media contact.

Hire a bodyguard

All activities in the field of personal security and protection of persons, families and people moving among social groups.

Bodyguard rental

Hire a bodyguard escorts for business meetings, social and cultural events, trips abroad.

The equipment and clothing of the bodyguards is always consulted with the client, and we always take care to ensure that even esthetically it matches the performed action.

Upon customer’s request, we can also provide multilingual staff without increasing the fee.

Private body guard

BodyguardDear custmers, if you decide to use the above mentioned service (private body guard ) it is necessary to book several days in advance by phone or e-mail. This is an above premium service. As with the other services we provide, even in bodyguard hire it is placed emphasis on the privacy and anonymity of our customers. Because of this reason, we can not communicate our references for the service (VIP Protection).

The price of the service for an escort of a column of vehicles / people depends on the complexity, risk, the number of kilometers traveled and the total number of days ordered (there and back).