The city of Vienna was founded by the settlements in the 5-th century along the Danube River. The name Vienna is from Celtic origin and was deducted from the word "Vedunia" meaning "River in the forest". Vienna is fascinating historic town, which can really offer to its tourists a lot. If you would like to visit all the important and interesting monuments located in the city, it will not take much time, because most of them are located near the center of Vienna. Most of the monuments are from the imperial period, when Vienna was the center of the Austrian-Hungary monarchy. If you drive to Vienna for history, go straight in the footsteps of the greatest European sovereigns. Visit largest baroque palaces Schönbrunn and Belvedere, meet former imperial estate Hofburg, where is now founded Museum bringing to mind the glory of the imperial dynasty. The Austrian capital calls to the country annually several hundred thousand hungry visitors for history, fashion, gourmet delicacies and art. In 2001, the centre of Vienna was registered as UNESCO’s Heritage.

The price of individual VIP Excursion to CZK / EUR 2013

Rates are per trip / car, not per person.

Excursions Duration,
VIP transfer from airport
Václav Havel to hotel in Prague
1 790 /32 1000 /40
City walking tour of Prague 4 4500 /180 5000 /200
Karlovy Vary 11 10075 /403 11550 /462
Cesky Krumlov and Hluboka
nad Vltavou Castles
12 12075 /483 13200/528
Terezin 5 7250 /290 8750 /350
Kutna Hora and Ossuary 7 8800 /352 9900 /396
Karlstejn 5 6750 /270 7500 /300
Konopiste Castle 5 6800 /272 7750 /310
Castle Sychrov 4 7250 /290 8750 /350
Plzen, Pilsen brewery 7 8625 /345 10000/400
Skoda car plant 5 6000 /240 7500 /300
Detenice 6 7200 /288 9650 /386
Lednice Valtice 14 13250 /530 15000/600
Moravian Karst caves
and castle Pernštejn
14 13250 /530 15000/600
Dresden 11 10750 /430 11750 /470
Dresden and Meissen 12 11750 /470 13000/520
Nurnberg 14 13000/520 15125 /605
Regensburg 14 12500/500 13750 /550
Vienna 15 15000/600 16750 /670
Berlin 15 15000/600 16750 /670


All tours start from your hotel and end up in a hotel or any other convenient location in the center of Prague.

For large tour groups, we organize excursions to highly comfortable, of luxurious buses: VOLVO, SCANIA, MAN, MERCEDES, NEOPLAN different capacity. Prices are calculated individually after your request.

Types of cars:

  • MERCEDES-BENZ - car for two passengers and a guide
  • BMW - a car for two passengers and a guide
  • AUDI - car for two passengers and a guide
  • MERCEDES-BENZ: MPV for 6 passengers and guide

Terms of payment:

  • Rates are per car / TOUR (not per person) and include VAT, fuel, cost of parking, powered driver and tour guide, guide service. Price does not include entrance fees.
  • Paying in cash before the tour start , in Czech crowns or euros at the exchange rate on the date of payment or bank transfer. Prices in Euros are approximate.
  • Duration of tour is fixed, the extra time is paid from the calculation of EUR 40/1 hour.

Terms of Ordering:

  • Confirmation of your order, we will send you within 24 business hours.
  • In the high season, tours are confirmed only with prepayment in canceling trips on the initiative of the customer deposit will not be returned.
  • All of our tours are available exclusively and only for you.